New Digs!

I love my new desk!  I bought a desk on  I had a set of criteria to meet:

1.  I wanted overhead storage.
2.  I wanted drawers.
3.  I did not want an L-shaped desk.

So, I set out on my mission to find the perfect shell of a desk.  I found THIS little gem


I got this desk for $120 on

This desk has E-V-E-R-Y T-H-I-N-G I needed and wanted.  It has ample overhead storage for hiding unsightly projects (though,  not nearly enough for the number of projects I’m in the middle of at any given time).  It has drawers for regular office supplies and files.  It has a light under the hutch, which was totally a bonus.

It is solid.  Really solid.  I was worried about my husband and others carrying it up on the stairs. 

Now there was work to be done.  I did NOT want a black desk.  I almost didn’t buy it because it was black.  Boy am I glad I did!  First stop once the desk was in my garage was to the local Ace Hardware store.  I spent more money in there, but it’s aweful convenient that it is right around the corner.  I bought Benjamin Moore paint colors.  I wanted a light color, but I didn’t want white.  So, I went with a really light gray.  Like much of my house currently, I chose to accent with tones of purple.  I’m so giddy! 


So, what do you think?

“A Walk In The Trenches – Trial Survival Tips”

As I mentioned in my very first post, I’m a paralegal by day. I had the fortunate opportunity to meet a fellow blogger and the founder of The Paralegal Society. To my surprise, I was invited to contribute! My appreciation to The Paralegal Society is beyond measure!

Check it out!

Adios, aloha, take care, and be well.

The Paralegal Society™

By: Chassidy King

Today, we’re featuring a fun and candid post written by a new Guest Contributor named Chassidy. Several weeks ago, I found myself seated directly beside her at a monthly meeting held by the Indiana Paralegal Association. I didn’t know her. She didn’t know me. Clearly, neither of us missed a fabulous opportunity to network! Over a casual conversation and a plate of food, we managed to build a meaningful connection with that formerly unknown stranger dwelling alongside each of us (um, frosted, chocolate brownies always help to set the tone, in my humble opinion). I left that meeting with not only a sugar high, and extra motivation, but a new acquaintance who likes to write articles! Here’s her first.  

Trials are serious business. They are stressful. Anyone who has been involved in one in any fashion knows this to be true. I have assisted with several trials in my 17 years…

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Photo Organization – Sort and Categorize

So, today I used nap time to sort through the photos that were not already organized by year.  Thirty-six years is a lot of sorting!  Thankfully, I had already done a great deal of the sorting back when I started this projects a few years ago.

I really just used some post it notes to put the years on the top picture and sorted until I had no more pictures to sort.  The current state of the pictures project looks like this:

Pictures sorted by year

Pictures sorted by year

sorted close up

One of the other things that happens when you are trying to sell your house is that you pack up things like baby books for your new born baby.  You end up with piles of the doctor visit reports waiting to find their permanent home (or at least he information contained on the doctor visit reports).  So, I used these CD jewel case boxes I recycled from work to put those items in.  I have hair clippings from Aliza’s first haircut in there as well as some other things.  Bad thing is, I’m not sure where Aliza’s baby book is.  DOH!

baby book stuff

Another category of items I have been saving up are pieces of art work that I love that my kids made.  I also found a program from a choir event for Audrey from the 8th grade.

I used the CD jewel case boxes for that type of thing as well.

Kids Art

And finally, I used CD jewel case boxes for CDs that contain pictures, travel related photographs (I don’t think those belong in family pictures – unless, of course, it was a family trip).  Many of my travel photos are just scenery.

Travel Pic CDs and DVDs

My next step is to organize chronologically within each year the pictures I have and start loading them back into the photo albums is pulled them from all those many years ago.

Thanks for following along in this stressful but necessary project!

Adios, Aloha, take care and be well!

I want to look back and feel the sun on my hair, the camera pressed to my face, smiling because I’m capturing a scrap of the closest thing the human race knows about innocence.

Everyone’s doing this blog thing. I can honestly say that I’ll probably never wow you with my mad writing skills. I’ll do my best not to bore you to tears!

So, as my first post, I’d just like to introduce myself. I’m Chassidy – a happily married mother of three girls: Audrey, 18; Elaina 3; and Aliza 1+. Now, let me explain the gap. You see, as a young girl I made some poor choices that miraculously yielded favorable results (Audrey!). She’s brought me so much joy over the last 18 years, and I can’t believe that I’m about to send her out into this enormous world, hoping that I’ve taught her well enough to thrive on her own. Of course, I do still have a few years; but somehow graduation from high school is a milestone that seems so… permanent.  Then, around 2005, I met this young(er than me), handsome, loving, handsome (did I already say handsome?) guy named Don.  He was and is wonderful with kids.  How could I deny him fatherhood?  So, along came Elaina or Lainey or Laina.  She’ll answer to any of those names.  She’s my little smarty-pants (she must be a genius!)… and she tends to be extremely a leeeeetle quirky.  She’s going to pre-school.  If you weren’t paying attention, Audrey is going to COLLEGE and Lainey is going to PRE-SCHOOL.  I must have been crazy!  Enter Aliza  or Liza or Liza Jane.  Our girliest, yet also tom-boyest, of the three.  She’s rough and tough and reminds me an awful lot of Audrey at this age.  There’s a reason Aliza came 3rd!

By day, I’m a paralegal and my husband is an electrician.

So, one year ago, we sold our rather small-for-the-size-of-our-family ranch for a much bigger house in Fishers, Indiana, which, I believe was ranked as a top 10 on friendliest cities as well as in the top 15 safest in the USA (of those that entered the contest probably.  Nevertheless…)!  I feel very fortunate to live here!  Our new house is double the size of our old house.  So, I have a LOT to do!  This is where those that care to, can follow at least that part of our lives.

Speaking of which, I have a compulsion for starting projects (multiple) at the same time.  Those projects have a tendency to linger.  I’m hoping this blog can keep me honest and working toward resolution of those items on my list and those that I add.  I think I may suffer from project A.D.D.  I have a list of projects sitting on my desk that I have either purchased materials for, or have started but not yet finished.  Unfortunately, this list is far from all-inclusive.

The list looks like this (with a little instagram)To Do

  • Open House Invitations.  Task completed!  MS Publisher… Love.
  • Scrapbook.  This is a high school graduation project.  I bought this pre-made scrapbook.  I LOVE to DIY stuff, but I have to be honest: (a) I do not have any scrap booking supplies – or I may have a few things, but I’d be basically starting from scratch; (b) I don’t have the time to throw that on top of planning for an open house.  Adding pictures will need to be done after her ceremony.  I’d like to include mostly those pictures.
  • Basket labels.  I was totally inspired by this play room over at iHeart Organizing.  I{totally}Heart that blog.  In fact, I basically copied all the elements of the playroom but with my colors.  Someday I’ll be ready to show off our play room.  Sneak Peak.  This one layer of our accent wall.
One layer of playroom accent wall.

One layer of playroom accent wall.

  • Senior pictures ordered.  So, I have really dropped the ball here.  The pictures were taken FOREVER ago.  I bought the picture CD.  Still need to order the prints.  But, I’m frugal and I forget a lot… and I’m waiting to find the best deal now at a time when I remember I need to have them printed.  So, in my home “office.”
  • Copy House Closing Documents.  I needed to get the stack off of my work desk.  They were on legal paper.  They wouldn’t fit in my filing cabinet.  I folded the ends up so that they would fit.  I removed the stuff from my desktop and saved a tree!  Word.
  • Book storage for the little girls’ rooms.  I was inspired by a picture I found on Pinterest, but unfortunately, IKEA no longer carries the spice racks.  Bummer.  I found something similar at JoAnn or Michael’s.  They need some paint and to be hung up.  Hopefully I like it.  🙂
  • Dr. Seuss Collage.  I found this on Pinterest too!  The link led me to a blog called Fabulously Flawed. I’ll have to do a big “reveal” or something for each girl’s room.  I’ll tell you this: Lainey’s room is Seussed out!  And Liza’s room is saccharine sweet.

{And this  is why it takes so long for me to complete projects: I started writing this in the middle of the day – during nap time – and I got the call to pick up a tricycle I wanted to get for my youngest daughter.  I’ve recently realized how much great stuff you can get on the facebook sale groups.  I know I’m not the only area to have something like that.  It’s sort of like Craig’s list, but all people live in your area… FAB.  Back to the list.}

  • Finish lollipop painting.  See, this is done.  It’s my attempt at being artsy.  I think it looks like a kindergartener did it – but maybe that’s why I like it for Aliza’s room.  I wanted an original painting and I had a hard time finding any lollipop art, fabric…anything, really.  So, I painted something.  I used a picture from a school folder as my inspiration.  I was thinking about framing the school folder too.  I still might.  Speaking of frames…
Queen of Kings Original.  Yeah!

Queen of Kings Original. Yeah!

  • Pick up a frame for the photo above.  I need something that is 12″W x 16″L to hang it.  I’d love something vintage-ish looking.  But not too over-the-top.  Something charming.  And girly.
  • Line pantry shelves.  This will force me to get stuff out of there that has no business in there.
  • This is the monster of all monster projects: Organize my photos.  And, post graduation open house, this MUST be my priority.  If I start ranting on about a project that doesn’t include something for the graduation party – that includes making my house look like we live here – but seriously call me out!  I need someone to make sure I’m not wasting precious time.

And this is really where I will begin sharing things I do with the world.  Photographs.

Here is where I’m starting.  This is truly not something I’m proud of.  So…  here goes


A few years ago {that’s right – I said a few years ago), I decided that I wanted to organize all of my pictures.  At the time I started this project, many of the photos were in photo albums – but logic didn’t enter the picture.  {Ha!}  So, I took ALL the pictures out with the intent of organizing them all by year and then chronologically placing the pictures back into the photo albums – so they tell a story when looked at in order.  The problem came when (1) I had a second little kid (third kid all together), and (2) we decided we needed to sell our house.  Neither of those two things is conducive to having multiple piles of pictures lying around on tables.  And that’s what this project requires.  To add another level, since we moved, every time I start sorting those pictures out, I find yet another box, book, CD, etc., ad nauseam.  I think I may have “topped out” the universe of photographs here.  I hope.

The big picture {there it is again!} goals are to:

  1. Organize printed photographic materials.  I want to include picture CDs in this category, because they likely only exist on those CDs.  Some I may wish to keep that way.  {I used to go out.  And do stuff.  There are photographic records of some of that stuff.}
  2. Organize digital photos.  Create fail safe backup.  Create back up to keep at mom’s house or in fire-proof safe (need to get one of those!)

Not on the list is hosting an open house.  That’s huge, but I will have a separate checklist for that event.  Goal #1, Photographs.

Could you take my picture cause I won’t remember. 

I like to think I won’t forget certain things, like how magnificently adorable my children are.  I know I’ll remember that they were cute… but I don’t know if I would remember a funny face they made funny faces… and I want to.

Adios, aloha, take care, and be well.